Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Friends Music CDs

I have a good friend and also at the same time he is also my insurance consultant. A few years ago, my insurance agent whom was serving me decided to quit this profession and i ended up with some part-time insurance agent. Roughly around this time, he was staging a road show and i happen to pass by. He approached me and from there, we became good friends thereafter. He took over my policies and i added one more through him as well. It has been a few years already and that day's memory is still vivid in my mind till today. This insurance agent of mine is a avid CD Music collector, he once worked for a music store but later quitted and i guess he later joined the insurance profession. And so, his love for music grew and he kept some of the best music volumes by different singers as well. He told me that he had passed some old CDs to one of his friend to sell it over the internet and it made some money for him. Since then, he has stopped coz his work commitments has been escalating and simply has no time for such things.

While surfing the internet, i saw this site called Ashop Commerce which specialises in online shopping cart software which can help any aspiring individuals to open up their online business in the internet. Very affordable, with only a small monthly investment, i think i will talk to my friend on this golden opportunity that one should not miss!

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