Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hola - Welcome to Spain!

I was very pleased with myself that i finally was able to make it to sit in front of my television to watch the travel show which was telecasts on once a week in my country. This time round, the television crew was at Spain. The guide went on to bring the television crew to some very beautiful restaurants, which was around 200 years old, which was certified by the local tourist organisation. The food that the guide has shown, a suckling piglet over a barbecue fire really looked sweet and tender, you can almost hear the crunchy sound of the barbecued meat. The guide was treated with some local "Tampas" which meant local desserts before you have a full dinner. Usually, the locals will pop down to their local pub or lounge and enjoy some "Tampas" with their favourite liquor or beer and some chatting with your friends or love ones before everyone goes back for their normal dinner which is rather late and is normal for them to have their dinner this late.

With all that said, i'm looking forward to their next topic which i think they will be introducing Madrid . Madrid is the capital city of Spain, a very cosmopolitan city with over three million population. Most of its headquarters, banking, industrial and business administration sectors and the royal family lives in this city. I can literally smell Madrid's Museums and interesting parks looming in the air and i can't wait for the next programme to come which is due next week.

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