Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Transportation to Yungang Grottoes

Transportion to Yungang Grottoes - Train K715 goes regularly from Beijing West Railway Station to Datong.
Those driving cars may go from Madianqiao to Yangqing along Badaling Expressway, and drive westward along Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway to Xuanhua, then they can go along the Xuanhua-Datong Expressway to Datong.

Accommodations - As one of China's famous historical and cultural cities, Datong has a dozen of star rated hotels, and hotels at different levels and hostels. Datong's staple food is of wheaten refreshment. Local snacks include noodles made of pea flour, naked oats flour, soup prepared with chopped cooked entrails of sheep, and so on.

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