Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My dads truck

While in my younger days, my dad had driven all kind of cars, sedan, trucks, lorries but the best which i feel has to be the truck that he brought back one day and announced to everyone in the family that he has bought over this truck and will be driving us all out for a outing now. That was my fondest memory of my dad driving his pick-up truck. He will drive us kids to school every morning and have breakfast at a local coffee shop before alighting us at the school gate. My friends used to admire us being ferried in the mornings to school and at times, if i happen to see my school mates coming up the curve on the way to our school, i will ask my dad to stop his pick-up truck and give them a lift to our school gate. The times where i really appreciated the truck was when it starts to rain, usually its such a hassle if it rains coz we students will have to bring a umbrella along with us as its quite a distance from the bus-stop to our school gate.

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