Sunday, October 7, 2007

Review on this Mediacorp Artiste's Blog

I happen to bump into Mediacorp Artiste Bryan Wong 's blog. I kinda of being attracted to him, (meaning not physical but over his writings and describing his life and such) i love his blog entry over Tasmania, Australia.

He was blogging away in his entry about his recent trip over to Tassie and he brought a group of 45 passengers with him. This was a promotional programme with him as a tour leader in "My Tour Leader is a Star" with Chan Brothers as the Tour agency hosting this programme. It must have been fun traveling with a artiste onboard where he humors you with his jokes, whats happening in his life and so on. I believe that he will also bring out that boyish and playful mood into his tour leading as well. From his blog entry, i knew that he was unwell and sick before his due travels and was also sick whilst on that trip, poor boy. But he recovered and continued with all the love and patience given during the trip by all those friendly and loving tour passengers.

From the looks of his travel blog in Tassie. I came to know of Cradle mountain, a lovely place full of greenery, endless streams, backdrops of mountains and lakes, a stay at the Cradle Mountain Lodge which was quaint on the outside and modern on the inside was what Bryan described his stay there and even a real fire place in the room. Maybe one day i will travel to Aussie and get to visit Cradle Mountain as well.

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