Monday, January 14, 2008

Glasses anyone?

During one of my leading trips to Thailand last December, i had one passenger whom was traveling with me, lost the screw that held her eye frames together. Without those frames, she was just as blind and thankfully, we were able to get her to a optician to fix up her frames. She was able to see clearly again and i was happy that at last she can enjoy the trip again just like any other folks onboard with me. Talking about frames, lens and sunglasses, i have this site called which i was browsing through and would like to offer this nice site to all those whom needs to wear frames in their everyday lives or simply wanting to have a new look in style. Zenni's optical can offer cheaper prices than most of their other competitors is because they sell their very own manufactured lens directly to customers without going through any middlemen.

A big Thank you for using Zenni Optical and all those online customers whom has stick up with them through all these years. Cheers...

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