Monday, February 25, 2008

Breakfast & Health SPA Treatment

Breakfast over at the Resort is superb. There is a variety of food and scramble eggs too. On top of that, the resort has arranged their speciality dish which is porridge cooked with different types of nuts. It said that its good for the body and this food is cooked for their guest especially those whom have come over to their resort to try on their SPA facilities. What i learnt from the owner of the resort is that before their guest starts on the Health SPA Massage arrangement, they will arrange them to go for a doctor's check-up. Once certified fit and all the health and fitness is recorded, they will then start them on the Health SPA which is tailored according to their health records (also depending on how many weeks they are spending their time at the resort, a suitable plan will be drawn out for the individual).

The owner of the SPA resort gave me a complimentary HOT STONE SPA which i must say is quite good. It was for a duration of 1 and a half hours HOT STONE together with some traditional massages with the HOT STONE. One can feel a hot sensation rubbing against those tired joints and muscles, just what i needed after a long day of walking and shopping along the famous Chaweng Area. I bought a few T-shirts and have checked out a few other resorts along Chaweng Beach. Maybe in my next post, i will try to do some resort recommendations to my readers here.

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