Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Resort that i stayed in at Koh Samui

This resort that we stayed in for half of my guest is called Natural Wing Health Spa & Resort. From my first impression, i think Asian like us may not like the idea of the jungle surrounding us and engulfed in the nature environment here! I guess it will be very attractive for Europeans and Americans. The rooms that were allocated to me was spacious and nice, like a little cottage style living. It boasts a small gym, a small size swimming pool but the one thing which it is proud of has to be their in-house SPA Massage facilities. The owner has won many awards and setting up this resort with this theme in mind. Tourist from everywhere will call and enquire on their SPA and other Massages which mind you, it doesn't come cheap as well. The resort has it own formulae for their in-house SPA and massage and a package as well for those tourist tailored for their needs. Once anyone steps into this tranquil place, one can forget about the rat race and indulge in the tailored packages provided by the resort and even special health meals as well will be thrown in to help in your tailored health regime.


The next day morning, some of my guest even joined the Tai zi organised by the resort. This exercise is organised by a skilled instructor and is for all their resort guest to participate free of charge. I had a chance to try it out myself before heading for a hearty breakfast at the resort.

If i were to come back to Koh Samui again, i really don't mind to come back and stay at this resort again! For your information, this resort could be far from Chaweng Beach (half an hour car ride, the resort also provides shuttle service with a nominal fee), where all the activities are, but heck!!! If one is trying to be away from the bustle and hassle of life, this is the place to be, trust me!

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