Monday, February 11, 2008

Grandfather and Grandmother rock

Grandfather rock

Grandmother rock

The grandfather and grandmother rock was the next tourist destination that we went after visiting the majestic Nanmuang Waterfall. From the travel magazines that we saw footage of the rocks itself, you definitely have to come and witness it yourself. I heard there is a old legend or story that is tied to these two mysterious rock formation that resembles the male and female genitals.

This was a love story of a young gentleman whom belongs to one of the villages on this beautiful island. Although alot of women came to like him because of his good looks, he did not fancy anyone of them, then when he met this lady whom was from the opposite island, he immediately fell in love and knew that this was the lady whom he is destined to marry. The day came when the bridegroom has to take a boat out to receive the bride, but the boat that carried the young man capsized and he was nowhere to be found. The bride was waiting impatiently on the other side of the island and seeing that her bridegroom till late did not come to fetch her thought that he has decided not to marry her, she later went into the sea and was never seen again too. The old parents of this young man was devastated and refusing to acknowledge that their son has died waited aimlessly for his return by the seaside, soon the aged parents became the rocks and there you are the grandfather and grandmother rock formation.

When one is coming to this tourist location, you will see some small stalls selling food, drinks and even a small mini bar. Here are the pixs, enjoy...

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