Monday, February 4, 2008

Come see Nanmuang Waterfall

This waterfall is a beauty, one that i've seen so far till today. Its magnificent view although from the sideway when i took the pix had already left a impression on me. Water was just coming down in a splash and i must say its the beauty of the water sparkling and seem to be dancing its way down. In the midst of this waterfall, its surrounded by a dense jungle or rainforest. Its pretty cool while one walks along the man-made pavement up to the watefall spot. Along the way, there are some hawkers selling their wares, most of my passenger landed up buying coconuts from the local vendors to drink.


While our coaches parked, we could see lots of elephants chained to the pole waiting for someone to rescue them from their evil plight (ha ha ha, just joking). The elephants are used to give those tourist whom wants to try a elephant ride. I took a picture of the baby and adult elephants.

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