Saturday, February 2, 2008

Someone you can trust when overseas

Kudos to my land operator - SEETHO TRAVELS whom have organised this beautiful trip for my company. They have a fleet of coaches used in that area of Thailand and with a couple of strong and professional tour guides as well. With SEETHO TRAVELS, one can feel at ease, be it you are the guest or customer, they will take care of you throughout the trip and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. The thing that i enjoyed most has to be the good food that SEETHO TRAVELS has arranged. I still remember that the boss said that if the customers are still not full, they can reorder the dishes without paying a single cent which will be paid by SEETHO TRAVELS, hence with this in mind, it seems that everyone enjoyed their meals there.

There was even this occassion which i saw and can be a witness too. This group of passenger around six of them sharing in one table, requested to try the chilli crabs and SEETHO TRAVELS gave them this extra complimentary dish of chilli crabs on the house (which was absorbed by SEETHO TRAVELS). I attach a pix of his coach for your viewing.

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