Thursday, May 1, 2008

Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360

This day as i wake up, i feel my vines and blood inside me flowing magically. Not that i wasn't flowing normally in the past, but thinking of visiting Disneyland in Hongkong just makes me feeling happier and gay.

This day the weather man says that the temperature in these areas will be a very low of below 10 degrees Celsius. Heck, i don't care what the weather man says, i just wanna go and enjoy myself and find out more what Disneyland Themepark has to offer these days to tourists. As today's itinerary is jam packed with places of interest to visit, we will only get to reach Disneyland at around 3pm. Our first stop - Ngong Ping 360. Its a stunning cable car journey providing you with breathtaking views of North Lantau and the South China Sea. After the 30mins cable car ride, we reached Ngong Ping Village, a pleasant and open culturally themed, Chinese-style village, located next to the world's tallest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha, called the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. It was freaking cold when we were traveling up the cable car but its all worth the visit when we get to savor the delicious vegetarian food and the two audio-visual walk through presentation with themed scenes of the "Walking with BUDDHA and "Monkey's tale THEATRE". We were practically bathed in the fog but all in all it was a fun experience. Here are some photos that i took...

Next, we head on to our vegetarian lunch nearby. Ummmmm, the food here is good and service is prompt. No complains or whatever over here, we were really glad that we can seat and enjoy our food while the cold weather outside continues on. After lunch, we quickly freshen up and proceeded for our next destination - Disneyland. We have to board the cable car to get down to the foot and proceed from there by our coach.

Mun Tou, part of the food served at the vegetarian lunch

We arrived just in time for our next hotel inspection at the Disneyland Hollywood hotel and Disneyland Hotel. Our first stop - Disneyland Hotel which features 400 guest rooms set in a lush and relaxing landscape of gardens. Its very much Victorian style with its own inhouse restaurant that will tantalize any taste-buds. I heard, you are not allowed to wear slippers in and around the hotel as it will spoil their hotel's image. Kinda strict! I didn't really liked this hotel, it gives me the too posh feeling and the price of the rooms are expensive as well. Definitely, not for a cheapo like me. kekeke.... :D The next hotel that we inspected as well has to be the Disneyland Hollywood hotel. This hotel boasts around 600 guest rooms in a u-shaped building surrounding an expensive lawn. This hotel will truly make every guest feel like a star as they immerse themselves in the history and glamour of motion pictures. It includes the normal amenities too for their guest staying with them. Honestly speaking, i love this hotel better than the other one coz' its really down to earth and whats more even the rooms are decorated with Mickey and Minnie as well, adult and child alike can dream better in these rooms allocated to them, don't you think so?

Two Beds are arranged in the Disneyland Hollywood hotel

Little stools to get your child to seat quietly at a corner with a tele showing cartoons while parents do the paperworks at the reception

AND FINALLY...............
We get to go down to the Themepark which all of us were waiting for... (Winks)
The tickets were sponsored by Disneyland Hongkong and off we went for an afternoon of fun and excitement. I took alot of camwhoring pictures with Mickey and Minnie, so do bear with me....kekeke....:D
As it was nearly CNY08 and coincidentally, its also the year of the Rat, Mickey's house was on display which you don't see every time. The rides that i enjoyed most has to in "Tomorrowland" called Space Mountain and "Adventureland" while you take the Jungle River Cruise together with your skipper along the mysterious Rivers of Adventure. Lastly, the grand spectacular event - the Fireworks display just on top of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. As it was still winter time, the park's closing hour was around 7pm, we quickly took the photos that we wanted and after the fireworks display, headed back to our hotel. We tried taking the MTR and it was quite fun as even the train cabin was decorated with Disney characters as well. I came back to my hotel exhausted but happy and surely, i will sweet dreams tonight!

Surely, i don't have to explain all this pictures in detail, i'll simply let my photos do the talking... See Ya.... :D

MRT Station where you get off to go to Disneyland Themepark

Inside the MTR Train Station

Entrance to Disneyland Themepark

Mickey's Bed

Mickey's closet of clothes

Me Camwhoring

Nite scene in Disneyland

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