Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainbow Restaurant in Lamma Island

After our camwhoring with the Wax Museum stars, we quickly headed for our next destination - Lamma Island. It was a half an hour ride to the private pier where we board the Restaurant's ferry which will bring us to the restaurant that HKTB is gonna host us this afternoon.

Me camwhoring at the Jetty

The scenery from the Jetty

Heard that for this lunch, we are gonna have Lobsters, Crabs, Prawns and many more seafood dishes all lined up for us to enjoy. And of course, the owner of this restaurant would like us to go back and hopefully bring back good memories of this place and bring more guests to enjoy lunch with them here. Hence, the whole package deal here of letting or hosting us here for lunch. I really dun mind it at all, as long as it fills my stomach and taste nice.

Rainbow Restaurant in Lamma Island

Lobster Dish

Crab Dish

In order to get there, the restaurant has sent for its private ferry transfer to bring us across to Lamma Island. As to what i know, Chow Yuen Fatt (HKG Actor)was born from this beachside area and it seems like more and more tourists and locals will come and enjoy a good meal of seafood dishes here especially during summer time. It was really cold this day of the month of January but our spirits were high when we or I thought of the seafood dishes which we are gonna try later.

When we were there, we really had a sumptuous seafood lunch and i really adore those lobsters that i ate there. They were really sweet and lots of food there are good as well. Rainbow Seafood Restaurant not only serves the best and also award winning seafood lunch around this area but also caters to the Lamma Fisherfolk's Village which is about 10mins ferry to this village. They boasts the only place in Hongkong that preserves the local fisherfolk culture and history of the fishery industry here. After lunch, we headed to this village to have a look and we were pretty amazed on how organised the whole area is. They have fishing games, tours to bring around the fishing boats that the olden time fisherman will use and how they basically live their lives in the fishing boat.

The bunch of us tried out the fishing game and it was really quite fun and we enjoyed it despite of the cold weather. There is even a local souvenir shop for you to buy back like sea-shells and etc...

All in all, we enjoyed our lunch and trip to this restaurant and fishing village and will definitely recommend our clients back here again!

The Fisherfolk Village

Inside the Fisherman Junk

Ppl trying the fishing game

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