Tuesday, February 20, 2007

LAOS, 寮国和永珍首都的介绍

Laos is a peaceful and quiet country. Basically, its not self-sufficient and with the lack of technology, makes it even more difficult for farmers alike to cultivate its own food and whats more selling/exporting it. It depends wholly on export, mainly from Thailand. As its location is very inland, hence no sea or whatever, only the Mekong River. Laotians are peaceful group of people, hence no fighting or whatever, and once on the road, there are no horning or scolding, the Laotian's beliefs are Buddhism, which makes up their non-abusive character. Laotians are staunch believers of Buddhism, hence whenever there is a Monastery project going on, be it building new monastery, they will give wholeheartedly and that is why every now and then you will chance upon Monasteries. With many civil wars fought and occupations of other countries over Laos in the past, the Laotians' lifestyle is also affected sligthly, i even can see baguettes sold along the roadside. I'm beginning to like it here.........

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