Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wat Pa Ban Tad, Forested Monastery in Udon Thani

This Monastery is located amid the forest. The High Monk of this Monastery is a very enlighted monk, whom has helped Thailand in times of needs & chaos. A makeshift contribution area is make to receive contributions from the public whom has come to visit this monastery. The 3rd princess of the Thai King always visits the monastery to learn under the foot of this high monk, the place where the princess meditates is just opposite of the contribution area. As in her early years as a princess she does not have a very good health, after she began learning from this high monk, her health got better and she make it a point to visit this high monk every month. While I was visiting this monastery, i was not able to see this high monk as he is diagnosed with some illness and is recuperating in the capital of Thailand.

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