Saturday, May 26, 2007

Longing to visit Beverly Hill, California!

Why am i so excited to visit Beverly Hill, California? Coz' this is the place that held the Golden Globe Awards back in January 16 of last year 2006 at Beverly Hilton. Talking about the Golden Globe Awards, Ms Ashely Judd was the gloden globe award nominee and is now starring with Harry Connick Jr in the movie thriller called
bug movie by Lionsgate films. I'm excited to see this movie coz' i'm into thrillers, ghost, fantasies etc. And when i saw this movie trailer in the, i was very much thrilled and have to book my seats for this intense, mind-bending pyschological thriller in which nothing is quite as it seems to be.

From the look of this movie poster, i get intense just looking at it. I believe the producers have put in alot of effort in producing this neat bug movie and from this name - bug, i gather it has to be something to do with bugs in general and maybe finding a host in the human's body. I wonder who is the unlucky gentleman to be bearing such a hostile alien being in his body but i guess when i see the movie, the plot will unveil itself. From the many horror or thriller movies that i've seen, this will be the first time i see a bug residing in a human's body, and from the trailer i saw earlier on, it should be very scary to see the human host struggling against the will power of the bug residing in him, i do hope that in the end, the human will be able to get rid of this bug in his system and lead a normal life. But i guess its the kick, the scary parts which makes the plot exciting enough for movie goers to view this movie, as for me, i give it a thumbs up and very much waiting to catch this movie when its in town.

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