Friday, April 18, 2008

Wordless day with the Star Celebrities!

As promised, here starts my CAMWHORING with the STARS....

My most favorite pix of all, i simply adore it....Me and David Beckham

Me and Michael Jackson

Me and my most intimate moments with Madonna - Pop Song Wannabe...

Me and Marilyn Monroe

Me and Leon Lai (Ooii, wait up for me, Mr Lai, are u a gentlement or not?)

James, don't shoot me...mine ur supporter...

Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond 007

Andy Lau, isn't he handsome?

Bae Yong Jun, Korean Actor

Me with Professor Einstein

Me with my favorite actor - Andy Lau

Me with some China Official...hehehe, forgot his name...

Me with the dead Mr Deng Xiao Ping

Me and Mr Bill Clinton (US President leh, don't play play...)

Me and Mr Lee Guan Yew (Wah, i very Dai Sai wo...)

Me with Michelle Yeo

Me with the dead Princess Diana, all bow....

Me and a famous HKG actor, which i forgot his name...kekeke

Touch me here, babe....kekeke (Me and Aaron Kwok)

Me and Mr and Mrs Smith

Me and Cher

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